Moving towards Work

In addition to our Adult Education Budget (AEB) funded qualifications, we are also offering a suite of non-accredited training sessions that have been specifically designed to assist JCP's clients back to work.

These offer falls under DWP's Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) for the Provision of Work Focussed Activities. These sessions are built around the Moving towards Work category and are intended to support people who are unlikely to look for work without some help to increase motivation and confidence.

The sessions can be taken as part of a full ten session programme or on an individual basis dependant on your clients' needs.

Once clients have achieved the full spectrum of our 'Moving towards Work' employability programme, we will carry out an assessment to identify which of our short vocational courses (funded through our AEB contract) they are best suited to.

Please note that this training can only be purchased through the DPS system. If you are unfamiliar with the service please speak with a senior member of staff at Job Centre Plus.

There are no entry requirements for any of the Moving towards Work sessions. The sessions includes the following: